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In a competency based assessment, a student is Not Yet Satisfactory until all the condition for a particular task are not satisfied. Hence as a trainer, you will need to allow another attempt to a student if they are Not Yet Satisfactory in a particular task. There are two types of activities that a student will need to complete based on the qualification they are doing. Those activities are Assignments and Quizzes. Below are the instructions on how to allow another attempt to a student for both quiz and assignment activity.

For Quizzes

  1. Go a quiz that you would like to allow another attempt for and click More button from the top.

  2. From the More dropdown select Overrides.

  3. After selecting User Overrides from the dropdown, click on Add user override.

  4. Select a student that you need to allow another attempt for.

  5. By default, the number of attempts allowed is 3. If you need to add more attempts, you will need to add the number of attempts that you need to allow to the one that is there by default. If you need to add one more attempt, the value might be 4, if you need to add two, the value would be 5 and so on.

  6. Click on Save after making the necessary changes.

If you need to add extension to the student for this quiz, you can enable the Close the quiz date and select the extension date here.

For Assignments

Allowing another attempt to a student for an assignment is bit different to quizzes. You cannot allow another attempt to a student unless you have marked their work.

  1. After you have marked the student’s work, from the grading page select Yes to Allow another attempt dropdown.

  2. Click on Save changes afterwards.

Video Instructions

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