Grant Extensions in Moodle - Assessment and Quizzes

In a competency based assessment, a student is Not Yet Satisfactory until all the condition for a particular task are not satisfied. As a trainer you will need to apply the due dates for the activities so that the student complete their work in time and you can track/mark your group’s work and progress in timely manner. In any case a student fails to submit their work in time, you will need to grant extension to the student so that they can update their work or make another attempt. There are two types of activities that a student will need to complete based on the qualification they are doing. Those activities are Assignments and Quizzes. Below are the instructions on how to grant extension to a student for both quiz and assignment activity.

For Quizzes

You can also use the below instructions to add due date for a single student.

  1. Go a quiz that you would like to allow another attempt for and click More button from the top.

  1. From the More dropdown select Overrides.

  2. After selecting User Overrides from the dropdown, click on Add user override.

  3. Select a student that you need to grant extension for.

  4. Enable the Close the quiz date. Select a new date and time that the student is granted extension until.

  5. Click on Save after making the necessary changes.

If you need to allow more attempts to the student for the same quiz, you can select the number higher than what is there by default. To allow one more attempt, select 4, to allow two more attempt, select 5 and so on.

For Assignments

  1. Go to the submission link that you would like to grant extension to a student for.

  2. Select the group the student is in and click on View all submissions.

  3. Filter your student and click on Edit button, from the drop-down, select Grant extension.

  4. If you would like to grant extension to more students in bulk, you can select them and click on Grant extension from the bottom dropdown and click Go.

5. When the new page opens, select the Extension due date and click on Save changes.

Video Instructions

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