Bulk Email - Trainer Portal

As a trainer, you will get access to trainer portal (app.queensford.edu.au). The trainer portal allows the trainer to update student attendance, print attendance roll, update student results and send bulk email and SMS to students. This guide will discuss sending bulk email part of the Trainer Portal.

Send Bulk Email

  1. Log into Trainer Portal (app.queensford.edu.au).

  2. Click on New Email button on the top right side.

  3. Select your batch. If you cannot see a batch, you should change the date to find the batch.

  4. Use the Check All button to select all students.

  5. Type your subject, body and select a file if you would like to send a file to the student.

  6. Click on Send button to send the email to the students.

Note: You can only send a maximum of one attachment per email. The attachment size must be less than 1MB. Only the document types such as PowerPoint, Word Document, Excel, PDF, etc. can be sent.

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