Camera Mirrored - Microsoft Teams

If you have a hybrid class (online and face-to-face), you might have to use a hybrid setup in campus with a camera. The cameras have been setup in certain rooms only. Please check with your campus staff or local IT staff to know which rooms are compatible for hybrid class.

When sharing your camera to the virtual class, you might have the camera mirrored so that the content you share is flipped to the students. To rectify this, please follow the steps below.

Please check with your students first if they can see the content properly. Do not follow the steps if the students can see the content as expected.

Please install the desktop version of Microsoft Teams before following the below steps. The mirror correction for the camera can only be rectified from Teams desktop app. For the installation instructions for Teams desktop, please check the following link: Microsoft Teams - Installation

At the start of the meeting

  1. Click on the Join button or Meet now button to start your meeting.

  2. When the join window appears, enable the camera and click on the settings button adjacent to it.

    Mirrored video
  3. When the settings appear, at the bottom, disable Mirror my video as shown below.

    Normal video

During the meeting

  1. Click on the 3-dot More button from the meeting window.

2. Click on Device Settings.


3. Disable Mirror my video.