Virtual Class via Microsoft Teams - Trainers

Queensford College uses Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual meetings and virtual classes. Microsoft Teams is a leader in virtual collaboration with the range of tools and features that it provides to bring the teams, classes and groups together to share, collaborate and communicate. This article will discuss how trainers can use Microsoft Teams to conduct virtual class.


Follow the below steps.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams in your computer or in your browser.

  2. Go to Calendar.

  3. Click on the dropdown next to New meeting and click on Schedule a meeting.

  4. Provide a suitable title, add the students by copying and pasting their email address or you can type their Student ID number and select them.

  5. Select the Start date/time and End date/time.

  6. If it is a repeating meeting you can enable and set the Repeat.

  7. Click on Send after all the changes are done.

  8. To join the meeting, go to your Calendar and you will see the Join button when the meeting time is near.

Note if you do not have Microsoft Teams installed in your computer, see the following articles;

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