Scan and Send your Document to Email - Ricoh Printer

You might require a scanned copy of your document to download or send to someone and use it as a soft copy. If you are a trainer, you might need to send your document to someone by E-mail. For either of the purpose or any other below steps outline how you can scan and send a copy of your document at the same time.

  1. Put your document on an empty tray and make sure you align it properly with the corner of the tray.

  2. On the printer screen, click on Scanner.

  3. Click on the Scan to Email option.

  4. Click on Specify destination and select Enter using keyword to add your email address.

  5. Type in your email address.

  6. To scan the both sides of your documents, click on Send Settings and then select 2-Sided printing form Original Settings.

  7. Check if your email address is correct and click the Start (Green) button.

  8. Click on Finish Scan button that comes on the prompt after you have scanned all the pages of your document.

  9. Now the printer will automatically start scanning and sending the document to your email.

  10. Once you receive the email, you can download the scanned copy of your document.