Batching and Creating New classes in Dynamics

Follow step by step to enroll a batch of students to new unit and create a new class

  1. Open to Queensford Dynamics

  2. Go to Academic App in Dynamics 365 Home

3. In Academic App, Click and Open Batch Calender

4. To enroll into new Unit, Refer back to timetable and look for last or on going unit for that batch.

5. In the Batch Calender, Search the ongoing unit and Click the unit in drop down section

6. Verify the correct batch through batch details like Campus Location, Trainer and Date. Also, batches can be filtered by Dates, if you are looking for previous or future batches, and can be filtered by campus location.

7. Once correct batch is identified for new Unit Batching or Enrollment. Click on clone batch button on right side.

8. On the Batch Details pane for new batch enrollment, Search for new unit to be Batched as per the timetable and Select the unit from drop down menu. Also, verify the Delivery location, Trainer, Duration and Shift to be correct as per the time table.

9. Select the Semester from drop down option and Select the correct Semester for the unit enrollment.

10. Click on Start and Finish Date pane, Select Start date from left calender and Finish date from right calender and click Apply.

11. Once all the information is provided and verified correct, click Next.

12. On the next pane, all the student to be enrolled in next unit will be listed on the right side. You can add new student from left side. Then, click Finish.

13. The confirmation of enrollment will apper on nect pane, click Close on the bottom right side.

14. New batched unit will be at the top. To create new class, click on New class button on the right.

15. In the new window, select Class Room from drop down option. Put the correct Scheduled Start date and Time, and correct Scheduled End Date and Time.

16. Put the Recurrence and Class Days

17. Finally, verify the informationa and, click Save & Close

18. The Scheduled class will be available on Batch calander under Scheduled classes section.