Assessment Submission Guidelines for new Course Module


  1. From your course, go to Assessment tab

2. Expand “What do I do first?“ and Click on Student Assessment Declaration.

3. On Student Assessment declaration, mark I agree and Click Save my choice

4. You will get the cofirmation of Choice and Your Assessment will be open from restricted mode.

Note: All the assessment will be restricted unless you agree with declaration.


5. Expand Assessment task and click on Submission link

6. Click on Attempt quiz now

7. Agree and Mark the declaration and click Start attempt


8. All the question are available inside the assessment page and navigate between the question from navigation tab.


9. For each task, scenario or question is at the top and answer the question on the space allocated underneath

10. Upload any additional assessment files by drag and drop or click on the empty tab


11. Choose file from your device and Click Upload this file

12. Attempt all the possible question and click finish attempt on navigation tab to review or attempt it later


13. You could review all the attempted question. Click back to course to attempt it later. If you have finished all the question and ready to submit, click submit all and finish Submit all and finish


14. To continue the previous attempt, go to assessment and click Continue the last attempt


15. When you click Submit all and finish, Confirm submit all and finish and review your submission


16. Red will indicate unattempted question and grey will indicate all attempted question

17. When you go back to submission link, it will show your submission and re-attempt if more attempts available