User Menu and Profile in Moodle

The User menu is where you can find and update your Profile in Moodle, it is visible to other users of Queensford College Moodle. You can add your photo if you wish. In the user menu you can also find your Grades, Messages and Preferences.

Viewing your profile:

  • You can access the User menu from the top right corner of your browser window by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your name.

  • Then choose Profile to view your personal details.


Editing your profile:

  • Click on the edit profile button next to your name. This is for quick edits.

  • Click on the Gear icon and click on Edit profile if you wish to change other details like your email display preference, your time zone, setting a description, adding picture, additional names, interests and other optional details.

Checking Messages:

  • You can search who you can send messages to.

  • You can see the people that you have set as your contacts.

  • Group messages from your trainer will appear here.

  • You can save personal memos and draft messages

Setting Preferences

  • Preferred language: Note that changing your preferred language here will only affect the Moodle interface and not the actual course content.

  • Forum preferences: See Forum Preferences section below

  • Editor preferences: This can usually be left as ‘Default editor’.

  • Calendar preferences: Set how your calendar and blocks using the Calendar (Upcoming Events & Module Events) display.

  • Message preferences: Stop non-contacts from messaging you and manage your notifications for Moodle messages.

  • Notification preferences: See the Notification preferences guidance.

Forum preferences enables you to manage your notifications from Forums.

Forums provide an area where students and lecturers can communicate by posting discussions and replies. Subscription to a forum means that you will receive any posts made to a Moodle forum as an email, to your Queensford email inbox, as well as being able to view it on your Moodle module. This is useful for keeping up to date with posts made within modules. Staff may subscribe you to forums in order to send out important messages about your course or to include you in module activities. To help manage your forum posts there are a few settings within the edit profile that you can change.

  • Email Digest Type: If set to No digest you will receive an email to your Queensford email each time a post is sent from the forums you are subscribed to. Select the Complete or Subjects option if you would prefer these posts to be collated into one email that is received at the end of each day.

  • Forum auto-subscribe: If you do not want to be automatically subscribed to a forum after you have posted to one then select No.

  • Forum tracking: Forum tracking will highlights new posts when you view forums. We recommend setting this to Yes: Highlight new posts for me.

Once you have made changes to your profile, scroll down the page and click Save changes.

If you struggle with any of these steps or if you need any assistance please contact Helpdesk at or give us a call at 07 3088 6235