Progress report for students in Moodle

Progress report in Moodle allows the students to view their work progress in Moodle in terms of overall competency. The report shows the qualification, the units and the activities that are involved in the core competency of the qualification. The report shows the enrolment end date of the units inside a qualification. For activities, it shows the due date for the activity, the attempts that the student has used and the date of submission and graded for the last attempt.

Note: Progress report does not include online learning and other supplementary activities in Moodle.

To view your progress report, follow the below steps.

  1. From your Dashboard, click on Progress report.

  2. Select your qualification/course.

  3. Expand the qualification.

  4. Expand the units.

You have now successfully learned how to access your progress report. You can click on the learning activities to access them directly from here.

Video Instructions