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Moodle is a platform where the learning happens and as part of your learning, you will be required to do some work. After you have done your work, you will need to submit them in Moodle so that your trainer can mark them. Below are the guidelines on how to submit your assessment in Moodle.

  1. From your course, click on the submission link.

  2. Click on Add submission button.

  3. Click on upload file button.

  4. Choose Upload a file and then click on Choose file button.

  5. Select your file and click open.

  6. Click on Upload this file. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until all the necessary files have been added to your submission.

  7. Click on Save changes.

  8. Click on Submit assignment.

  9. Tick the anti-plagiarism statement and click on Continue.

You have now successfully submitted your assessment in Moodle.

Important Information

 If the Submission Status is:

  •  Draft(not submitted) - Your work has not been submitted for grading. Your work will not be marked by your trainer if it is in Draft status.

  • Submitted for Grading - Your work has been submitted for grading and will be marked by your trainer.

  • Make sure that you have submitted your complete work. You will lose an attempt out of maximum allowed three if your submission is not deemed complete or Not Yet Satisfactory.

Video Instructions

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