Clone an existing Batch - Dynamics 365

Batches in Dynamics 365 are useful to group students for attendance, reporting and communications. You don’t always need to create a new batch when enroling students for a new unit. You can simply clone the existing batch.

You must be in Academic App to perform this action.

To clone an existing batch and create the necessary classes, please follow the below steps:

  1. From Academic App, go to Batch Calendar.

  2. Click on the Clone button next to the batch you would like to clone.

  3. Change the Study Unit as necessary.

  4. Change the Semester and the Start and Finish Date as necessary.

  5. Click Next after the required fields are changed.

  6. If you have new students joining this batch of students, add them from the left table.

  7. Click Finish after all the students are added. The system will now create a new batch and add the students to it.

  8. After the batch is created, click on Create Class button.

  9. Select the Class Room where the class will be held.

  10. Select the period of the class, if it is different from batch Start and Finish Date.

  11. Select the time period of the class. For example, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

  12. Select the Recurrence and Days of class. For example, weekly Monday and Tuesday.

  13. Save your changes.

All set. You have successfully created cloned an existing batch and added the necessary classes.

Video Instructions