Install Microsoft Office in your Device - Windows

Your college provides you with both online and desktop copy of Microsoft 365 suite of products which includes, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Teams and OneNote. Also includes Publisher and Access in Windows.

Note: The course or program you are enroled in must be longer than 6 months for you to be eligible to receive Microsoft 365 products.

Before we start the process, please verify you don’t have any other Office application installed in your system. If yes, please uninstall it first. To install go to control panel and uninstall an existing version of Microsoft 365.

Follow the instructions to install Office 365 Apps in your desired devices:

  1. Login to My Account Portal.

  2. Provide your username and password. You should have received your username and password from the Helpdesk Team.
    Sample Username Axis:
    Sample Username Queensford:

  3. Once logged in, go to Office apps section and click on Manage.

  4. Once the page loads, click on the Install Office button.

  5. Once the application downloads in your device, click on it to open. The installation will begin.

  6. Click on the downloaded file for the installation to begin. The installer might prompt you to allow to make changes to the Device, select yes from the prompt.

  7. You will see following progress screens throughout the installation process. Do not close them and make sure you have a stable internet connection and power.


  1. Once the installation is complete, you can start any of the Microsoft 365 apps and make sure to login with your college provided username and password.


You have now successfully installed Microsoft 365 in your device.

Video Instructions