Scanning and cropping your signature – Canon Printer

You might require putting a scanned copy of your signature to sign the student declaration or statement of authenticity in your assessment. If you are a trainer, you might need to upload your signature into Moodle so that you can use it to mark the student assessment.

For either of the purpose or any other below steps outline how you can scan and crop a copy of your signature ready to be used.

  1. Put your signature in an empty piece of paper.

  2. Put the paper faced down in the scanner glass. Make sure you align it properly with the corner of the glass.

  3. On the printer screen, click on Scan and Send.

  4. Click on where it says PDF(Compact).

  5. Select JPEG and press OK.

  6. Click on New Destination and select E-mail.

  7. Type your email address and press OK.

  8. Click on green Start button.

  9. Once finished scanning, click on Start Sending.

  10. Once you have received your file, download it and double click to open it. Click on crop icon to crop it.

  11. Once, cropped, save the file.

You can use the saved file in your assessment as a signature and everywhere else that you need.