How to Upload a File and Submit it for multiple assignments?

Who can use this Feature: For those students who needs to submit same file for multiple assignments.

For Example: Most of the IT students needs to submit a Test Out Report and Screenshots Zip files in every assignments. So it can be handy for them instead of uploading 100’s of MB again and again in all assignments.

So here are the steps how to make it easy.

Step A: Uploading and saving a file for using it later during assignment submission.

  • Login to your Moodle site Dashboard and Click “My Document” Icon

  • Use the prompted window to Upload a File for up to 100MB

After you select file and click “Upload this file” button, it will appear here as shown. Then click on “SAVE CHANGES” 

Now you are ready to use it for Multiple Submission. Read below to know HOW?

Step B: Using the Saved file for submission.

  • First when you browse through your assignment submission link it shall look like this. Use the “Add Submission” button to go for submission window.

  • After you click “Add submission” you will get a window where you can directly drag and drop a file into the window or use the file icon to browse for the file either in your local computer or the files that you have already uploaded into the system.

In the File Picker Window you have various choice

Recent Files >> it will give you a list of recently submitted files, if you wish to resubmit it again you can select from there.

Upload a file >> it will give you an option to upload a new file from your computer into the submission area.

Private Files >> it will give you an option to link your private file you have uploaded previously into that assignment submission.


WAIT you are not done yet. After selecting the file and Clicking “Save Changes” you will see this window which will allow you some options like

Edit Submission >> it will allow you to edit the submission files.

Remove Submission >> it will allow you to remove the files if incase you realized that you uploaded a wrong file.

Submit Assignment >> Submit Assignment will allow you to go for the final step for submitting an assignment which most of the student will miss.

After you click “Submit Assignment” you will be given a confirmation window where you must click accept the terms declaring that the assignment being submitted is your own work by clicking the check box as shown below.

By following this steps you can save a lot of your time during the assignment submission specially if you have the same files that needs to be submitted in each assignments. DO NOT WAIT for last minute to submit an assignments.

If you have more queries or issues regarding assignment submission or using various Moodle features please refer to our knowledge base website by clicking the link provided.


If you struggle with any of these steps or if you need any assistance please contact Helpdesk at or give us a call at 07 3088 6235