Accessing your Feedback/Grades in Moodle

You can see the feedbacks and grades for your assessments and quizzes within Moodle once they have been marked and released for you. You may receive an email or notification indicating that you have been provided the feedback for your attempt. You can either use the emailed link to see your grades and feedback or you can go to Moodle and manually check it.

What to do with your feedback?

Feedback can be given in Multiple formats. Feedbacks are not always in written format, some of the feedback formats are:

  • Annotated file

  • Feedback file

  • Written in general comments

  • At the end of the feedback file

Sometimes the trainer might provide your feedback in class on how to improve. It is very important that you read/listen to the feedback that has been provided to you by your trainer/s. Below are some of the tips to help you make the best out of your feedback:

  • Take a good time to read through your feedback and make sure that you understand what has been provided.

  • Look at the pattern of the feedback that you have been getting so that you understand what you are best at and what you need to improve.

  • Check the criteria of your assessment to understand if you are lacking something. Self assessing your work is always a smart move.

  • You can do peer review of your work with your friend or your classmates to understand the work from a different perspective.(This method in no way suggests you to plagiarise another individual’s work)

  • Create a plan for every unit you do to ensure that you are on track and you have plenty of time to answer all the questions satisfactorily.

To access your feedback, please follow the below steps:

  • From your dashboard, click on My courses and select the unit you want to see the grades for.

  • On the navigation of the unit, click on Grades

  • You can click on the individual activities to see the feedback for them.

  • Overall feedback can be viewed on the feedback column of the grade section.

If you struggle with any of these steps or if you need any assistance please contact Helpdesk at or give us a call at 07 3088 6235